Pella Pro-Life is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting the message that life is precious


Pella Pro-Life exists to equip, educate, and empower the pro-life community in Pella and beyond.

OUR mission

Our goal in Pella Pro-Life is to promote a culture of
life with special focus on making abortion unthinkable in Pella, Iowa and
beyond. To accomplish this goal we are committed to working with schools, churches, and other organizations to raise awareness, educate the community, empower pro-life organizations, and help equip women and families with the resources they need to choose life.

Current projects

You may know us as the ‘Christmas Cookie’ people. That’s our main fundraiser. What you might not know is we’ve been promoting the pro-life cause since the 1980’s.

Some of our current projects are:


— Providing free pro-life information to over 30 area churches.


— Educating and training pro-lifers to be a voice for change. 


— Sponsoring pro-life media like movie-showings, newspaper ads, and more.


— Tabling at Thursdays in Pella.


— Financially and prayerfully supporting other pro-life groups (local, national, and international). 


The Well Offering Help and Hope